4) connection in low temperature climate:
A. avoid sticking in the morning and evening;
B. glue increases the flow properties of the glue at warm or ambient temperatures;
C. adhesive tubing and fittings dry;
D. placed tubes and fittings in the sun for hours;
E. cold temperatures, dry time than under normal temperature, completely dry after a period of time the system pressure test is preferred; F. cold weather pipeline should be segmented connection, and then in section connection, try to avoid moving to the new joint;
5) the flange connection shall meet the following requirements:
When the A. transition component connects the pipes and valves of different materials at both ends, the joint structure at both ends of the transition parts should be in accordance with the form of the connection joints at both ends;
When b.CPVC flange is switched to metal flange, it should be installed in line and set up support, and stress damage to CPVC flange should be avoided during installation. Before mounting the bolt, the flange contact surface of the washer must be smooth;
C.CPVC transition parts should be molded by injection molding. (to be continued)